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CONTROL 3g x 90 packets

CONTROL 3g x 90 packets

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A unique blend of 10 carefully selected materials that support the irregular body balance.

Supports irregular body balance !

Be careful with people like this

Be careful with people like this
  • Irregular mind-body balance
  • Concerned about sugar and fat
  • prone to stress
  • I like sweets and greasy foods
  • Irregular eating habits and being overweight

Amount of main ingredients

Jerusalem artichoke powder
bitter gourd extract powder
Inulin (including Jerusalem artichoke inulin)
Salacia extract powder
Mulberry leaf extract powder
Barley lactic acid fermentation extract powder
Red yeast rice powder
zinc yeast powder
Reishi fruiting body extract powder
Chromium yeast powder
Water chestnut extract powder

Control features

Made in Japan 100%
Safe and secure Joint development with a domestic pharmaceutical company

Well-balanced blend of 10 carefully selected ingredients

Considering the efficiency of absorption into the body, it is processed into granules! Convenient stick type!
Strict production control based on GMP certification
What is GMP certification?
GMP is an abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice, which ensures that products are manufactured safely and maintain a constant level of quality in all processes, from the receipt of raw materials to manufacturing and shipping. It is a manufacturing process control standard for

Supports irregular body-mind balance

Unbalanced eating habits, overeating such as sweets and greasy foods, and disordered lifestyle rhythms appear in the form of obesity at first.
The continuation of such wrong lifestyle leads to diabetes and high blood pressure, and if no measures are taken, it causes terrible complications such as myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and cancer, and in the worst case, it leads to the danger of life.
To prevent this from happening, it is most important to have a regular, well-balanced diet and exercise.

However, if it has progressed to a certain stage, if there are various circumstances such as work, due to stress, etc.,
Especially after the age of 40, there are many cases where we cannot deal with these problems by our own efforts alone.
In order to simultaneously support the intake of carbohydrates and the balance of the body of such people, we have carefully selected 10 kinds of ingredients in a well-balanced manner, processed it so that it can be easily absorbed by the body, and wrapped it in an easy-to-carry aluminum three-sided film. .

Jerusalem artichoke
Jerusalem artichokes are rich in water-soluble dietary fiber called inulin, and are expected to help control blood sugar levels and prevent constipation.
It is also called "natural insulin" and is one of the popular ingredients widely supported for carbohydrate care.
bitter gourd extract powder
"Bitter gourd" is listed in the Chinese medicine book as a remedy for dry mouth in diabetes.
Mulberry leaf extract powder
Mulberry leaves are a healthy ingredient that has long been used in Japan and China as a countermeasure against carbohydrates. A component called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) contained in mulberry leaves is thought to be effective in suppressing sugar absorption.
Salacia extract powder
In Ayurveda, which has been handed down in India, it is a medicinal herb that has been proven for thousands of years and is highly valued for its ability to lower blood sugar.
Barley lactic acid fermented extract powder
The main ingredient, GABA, is a type of amino acid, and is expected to help relieve anxiety, stress, and fatigue, and help to balance the irregular body.
Red yeast rice powder
It is made by fermenting grains such as rice with monascus. Contains ingredients that are also used as pharmaceuticals, such as GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) and monacolin K. It is known as a refreshing effect and a cholesterol care ingredient.
Reishi fruiting body extract powder
It is famous as a material that balances the irregular body.
Chromium yeast powder
Chromium is thought to be an important mineral that supports insulin action and sugar metabolism.
zinc yeast powder
One of the essential minerals for carbohydrate control is "zinc", which is considered necessary for the activation of enzymes involved in insulin synthesis and secretion.
how to drink
Dissolve 3g sticks in 200ml of water, 3 packs per day. <br>
Do not take a large amount at once, divide it into 2-3 times, and start with a small amount.
Product specifications
3g x 90 packets
Allergy information
  • ●If you have food allergies, please check the ingredients.
  • ●Some people with allergies may not agree with this product.
  • ●If you are taking medicine, going to the hospital, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before consuming.
  • ●As it contains ingredients that easily absorb moisture, the color may darken due to moisture absorption.Consume the product within the same day after opening.
  • ●Keep out of reach of children.
  • ●As this product is made from plants, the color and taste may vary depending on the weather conditions during cultivation and harvesting. There is no problem with the ingredients or quality, so please enjoy with confidence.
  • ●Maintain a balanced diet based on staple food, main dish, and side dish.
List of all ingredients

Dextrin (produced in Japan), Jerusalem artichoke powder, bitter gourd extract, inulin, mulberry leaf extract powder (mulberry leaf extract, dextrin), Salacia extract powder, barley lactic acid fermentation extract powder, red yeast powder, zinc yeast powder, reishi fruiting body Extract powder, chromium yeast powder/cyclodextrin

nutrition information

3 sachets (9 g) per day

Calories: 33.9kcal
Protein: 1.01g
Fat: 0.05g
Carbs: 7.35g
Salt equivalent: 0.02g
Zinc: 15.3mg
Chromium: 126 μg

Main ingredient content

Jerusalem artichoke powder/1500mg, bitter gourd extract powder/1200mg, inulin (including Jerusalem artichoke inulin)/1740mg, salacia extract powder/900mg, mulberry leaf extract powder/600mg, barley lactic acid fermentation extract powder/450mg, Red yeast powder/450mg, zinc yeast powder/150mg, reishi fruiting body extract powder/150mg, chromium yeast powder/60mg