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Energize your brain and heart with the blessings of blue fish.

For staying young and healthy everyday!

Recommended for people like this

Recommended for people like this
  • I'm worried about my body and getting muddy
  • Recently forgetful and feels old
  • Prefers meat and oily dishes to fish and vegetables
  • I want to extend my healthy life expectancy
  • I'm worried about the numbers in my health checkup

DHA / EPA that supports the circulation and smoothness of the body, sesamin that supports youthfulness, and
A well-balanced combination of vitamin E and krill oil from Antarctic krill, which has strong antioxidant power.

forever young,
Support your healthy life

Characteristics of DHA & EPA

Made in Japan 100%
Be kind to your body! 100% plant-derived soft capsule.
For safety and peace of mind, the oil uses raw materials made by Maruha Nichiro, a major Japanese company.
Manufactured on a dedicated Halal-certified line
What is halal?
Some of Kenkoman's products are manufactured in domestic factories that have obtained Halal certification. For example, products made from soft capsules such as DHA/EPA, shark liver oil, bilberry & lutein fall under this category. Our other products are not Halal-certified domestic factories, but we do not use ingredients that Muslims worry about, such as gelatin derived from pigs. Currently Muslim people are also purchasing and using it. And Muslim people in our company can eat and drink with peace of mind. We refer to such products as Green Halal products (that is, products that have not been certified, but whose ingredients have been confirmed and are consumed by Muslims).
Strictly based on GMP certification
Production control
What is GMP certification?
GMP is an abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice, which ensures that products are manufactured safely and maintain a constant level of quality in all processes, from the receipt of raw materials to manufacturing and shipping. It is a manufacturing process control standard for

Effect on healthy life expectancy
expected ingredients
What is DHA & EPA?

The average life expectancy for Japanese men is said to be 83 years and for women 86 years, making it the No. 1 longevity country in the world. When talking about the health and dietary habits of Japanese people, we cannot avoid mentioning fish and soybeans.

When talking about fish, EPA and DHA, which are especially abundant in blue fish, are called essential fatty acids.
We put the healthy ingredients of such blue fish into 100% plant-derived soft capsules so that anyone can easily take them without worrying about the smell.

In addition, DHA & EPA, which tend to be deficient, are combined with sesamin, a popular energy ingredient in Japan, krill oil with strong antioxidant power, and vitamin E.
It is recommended that you continue to drink it to stay youthful and energetic every day.

DHA/EPA: Polyunsaturated fatty acids that are abundant in blue fish.
The fat of fish that live in cold seas does not solidify even at low temperatures, so it is recommended for the health of the head and the smoothness of the body.

DHA and EPA gained worldwide attention in Greenland, where the lowest temperature in winter is about -60°C, and they were the staple food of the Inuit, who had particularly good brain and heart health. It was triggered by the fact that seal meat and fish contain a lot of DHA and EPA.
The Inuit, who ate a lot of these fish every day, actually had significantly fewer vascular diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction.
From there, research began, and later EPA began to be used as a medicine.

DHA began to attract attention in the health food market in 1989, when a British researcher found that one of the reasons for the high IQ of Japanese children was It started when it was announced that it was due to the dietary habit of eating fish, and it spread to the world.

In Japan, there is a saying that oil is washed away with oil, and the role of fish is emphasized.

how to drink
Take 4 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.
Product specifications
120 grains per bottle
Estimated Daily Amount: 4 tablets/January
Allergy information
shrimp, sesame, soybeans
  • ●If you have food allergies, please check the ingredients.
  • ●In rare cases, some people have allergies, so if you feel unwell after eating, please stop using it.
  • ●If you are taking medicine, going to the hospital, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before consuming.
  • ●When stored in a cold place, white sediments may appear in the liquid content, but this is not a problem with the quality as it is derived from fish oil.
  • ●Contains ingredients that easily absorb moisture. After eating, close the lid tightly and store in a cool, dark place.
  • ●Keep out of reach of children.
  • ●Maintain a balanced diet based on staple food, main dish, and side dish.
List of all ingredients

Refined fish oil (manufactured in Japan), refined fish oil containing EPA, starch, edible sesame oil (contains sesamin), krill extract (contains shrimp as part of raw materials) / vegetable oil containing vitamin E (contains soybeans as part of raw materials) glycerin, gelling agent (carrageenan)

nutrition information

4 grains (2.12 g) per day

Calories: 8.79kcal
Fat: 0.074g
Protein: 0.40g
Carbs: 1.62g
Salt equivalent: 0.002925g
Vitamin E/30mg

Main ingredient content

Krill oil/50mg

Voices of actual customers

Mr. C

The number at the time of the health checkup made me curious, so I started drinking. I'm looking forward to the next results.

Mr. Y

I tend to have irregular eating habits, and I was worried about my body getting muddy, so I'm drinking it.

Mr. U

Fish is good for your health, but you only eat it occasionally, so taking supplements is effective.

Mr. D

I'm over 50, so I drink regularly for my health. I'm feeling good.