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Lutein & Bilberry

Lutein & Bilberry

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Protect your precious eyes from blue light from smartphones, etc.

Recommended for people like this

Recommended for people like this
  • I often use smartphones and PCs
  • Vision looks blurry
  • I want to protect my eyes from the blue light of my smartphone.

Characteristics of kenkoman's lutein & bilberry

Made in Japan 100%
Be kind to your body! 100% plant-derived soft capsule.
Use gelatin etc. Safe for vegetarians and Muslims
What is halal?
Some of Kenkoman's products are manufactured in domestic factories that have obtained Halal certification. For example, products made from soft capsules such as DHA/EPA, shark liver oil, bilberry & lutein fall under this category. Our other products are not Halal-certified domestic factories, but we do not use ingredients that Muslims worry about, such as gelatin derived from pigs. Currently Muslim people are also purchasing and using it. And Muslim people in our company can eat and drink with peace of mind. We refer to such products as Green Halal products (that is, products that have not been certified, but whose ingredients have been confirmed and are consumed by Muslims).
Strict production control based on GMP certification
What is GMP certification?
GMP is an abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice, which ensures that products are manufactured safely and maintain a constant level of quality in all processes, from the receipt of raw materials to manufacturing and shipping. It is a manufacturing process control standard for
Vitamin A
It keeps the mucous membranes of the eyes and skin healthy and strengthens the immune system. For the eyes, the retina is the source of rhodopsin, which captures light and sends information to the brain. If it is deficient, the ability to adapt to darkness decreases.
Vitamin B¹
It is effective in preventing eye fatigue and bloodshot eyes.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is contained in the eyeball, and it has been found that the lens and retina are susceptible to disease when the component is deficient.
Vitamin E
It has an antioxidant effect and promotes blood circulation. You can expect to prevent tired eyes, dry eyes, and cataracts.
It is believed that it absorbs harmful light such as blue light from smartphones and protects the eyes.
Bilberry extract powder
It contains a large amount of anthocyanin, a type of polyphenol, and is thought to have a strong antioxidant effect. In addition, it is expected to promote blood flow, relieve eye muscle tension, and prevent vision loss, cataracts, and glaucoma.
Megusurinoki powder
Geling, one of the main ingredients, is expected to suppress the growth of bacteria and repair wounds.
linseed oil
It is expected to improve blood flow.
how to drink
Take 2 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.
Product specifications
1 box contains 60 capsules Estimated daily dose: 2 capsules / January supply
Allergy information
  • ●If you have food allergies, please check the ingredients.
  • ●Some people with allergies may not agree with this product.
  • ●If you are taking medicine, going to the hospital, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before consuming.
  • ●Contains ingredients that easily absorb moisture. After eating, close the lid tightly and store in a cool, dark place.
  • ●Keep out of reach of children.
  • ●Maintain a balanced diet based on staple food, main dish, and side dish.
List of all ingredients

Edible linseed oil (manufactured in Japan), sunflower oil, starch, marigold extract (containing lutein), edible safflower oil, bilberry extract powder, Megusurinoki powder, reduced starch syrup, vitamin C, glycerin, gelling agent (carrageenan), emulsifier, Caramel Color, Vitamin E, Vitamin B¹, Vitamin B², Vitamin A, Antioxidants (VE)

nutrition information

1 day/2 capsules (0.96 g)

Calories: 6.0826kcal
Fat: 0.4906g
Protein: 0.0010g
Carbs: 0.4061g
Salt equivalent: 0.0123g
Vitamin A: 143.00 μg
Vitamin B1: 1.10mg
Vitamin B2: 1.00mg
Vitamin C: 97.00mg
Vitamin R: 8.84mg

Main ingredient content

Bilberry extract powder/30mg
Megusurinoki powder/20mg
Flaxseed oil/142.2mg
Safflower oil 34.22mg