Supplement to become a tree Natsume

Super fruit also called edible Chinese medicine

Jujube is a representative fruit used as an ingredient in medicinal dishes.

Jujube and large jujube (Taiso) are also used in Chinese medicine,
It contains nutrients that are essential for maintaining the health of the human body.

~ In traditional Chinese medicine, jujube is ~




(what effect)


(where it acts)
Yin Void Yang Void / Qi Void

classified as “Condiments” are divided into 6 major flavors.
Spicy, bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and (light) are separated, and medicinal cuisine is based on the harmony of the five flavors.
I will omit the explanation of each of the five tastes, but jujube is classified as "sweet", and it is thought that it supplements the work of the "digestive system" of the human body and acts on the stomach and mouth. .
It is also believed to help relieve pain by replenishing blood flow and loosening tightness and tightness in the muscles of the body.
Jujube has a replenishing effect, and is said to have the effect of replenishing nutrients when you are not feeling well, detoxifying, and relieving tension by warming.
However, taking too much can cause dullness in the body, so be careful not to take too much.
The feeling of warmth is called “On”, and it is said that by warming the body, it drives away the cold inside the body and strengthens the sun.
When the power to warm up is insufficient or weakened, it is difficult for the body to warm up. This means that you are more likely to catch a cold.
Therefore, by incorporating foods that are considered "warm" into the body, you can expect the effect of supplementing the warming power and warming the body.

One-day Meal Sanjume Lifetime Obscurity

One day meal three jujube

It is said that it came to Japan from China in the Nara period, and it seems to have been useful as a medicine. The jujube is a natural fruit that has been eaten since ancient times, which is why it is said to be one day's meal, three jujubes for a lifetime (if you eat three jujubes a day, you will never grow old).

happy with beauty and health

About the effects of jujube

About the effects of jujube

About Hochuekki and Yochi Yasujin

In Chinese medicine, which has a long history, jujube is said to have the effects of hochuekki and nourishing anjin.

Hochu Yoki (Effect of nourishing Ki)

When you don't feel well When you feel tired When you have indigestion When you have trouble falling asleep

Blood nourishment anjin (Effect of nourishing blood)

When you have rough skin When you are worried about dry hair When you get irritated When you are mentally unstable

What is Hochuekiki

Supplementary energy energy simply means to nourish and supplement one's energy.
When people live their daily lives unconsciously, they naturally use energy. If you don't replenish the proper nutrients, you will lose your energy, your complexion will be pale, your gastrointestinal function will be weak, and you will feel tired easily. Especially in modern times, with the development of the Internet, it is easy to see the outside world and lose self-confidence, and it is easy to feel stressed about ourselves. If you are in a state where you are unconsciously stressed and have lost your energy, it is easy to get sick. In such a case, it is believed that eating foods that have the effect of supplementing the energy will raise your energy and improve your physical condition.

What is Yoketsu Anshin (effect of nourishing blood)?

Nourishment Anjin is the effect of supplementing blood and stabilizing mental. Without enough blood, the body will not be stable. Women, in particular, have menstrual periods and lack of blood. At that time, rough skin and dry hair are considered to be caused by lack of blood and blood not circulating throughout the body.
If you don't have enough blood, your mind will not be stable and you will become irritable, or you will be worried about a little thing, and you will be worried and mentally unstable. In this way, the efficacy of jujube can be expected to nourish qi and blood and stabilize the spirit.

In such a case, refrain from consuming jujube .

In times like this , jujube
Refrain from taking

In such a case, refrain from consuming jujube.
Sometimes it is better not to eat jujube .
That's when the "heat" is accumulated.
  • when your body is burning when your body is burning
  • When you have heavy menstrual bleeding When you have heavy menstrual bleeding
  • When you are prone to edema When you are prone to edema
  • When you have red pimples or pimples When you have red pimples or pimples

Not only when your body temperature is high, but if you take jujube when your body is filled with heat, it may prevent that heat from escaping. When jujube is ingested when the "moisture" is accumulated, it becomes even more edematous. In addition, it may increase menstrual bleeding, so it is recommended not to take it at that time.
If you are taking vitamins or medicines, please refrain from inoculating jujube, as it has the effect of softening (halving) the effects of medicines.

Good fruit for women to consume

That is Natsume !

That is Natsume!

Severe mood swings, unstable mind,
Be careful if you feel such a symptom that you can't get rid of fatigue .

We live in a modern society where we spend a lot of time on work, housework, and hobbies. Isn't it?
Jujube has the effect of cultivating energy and relieving tension. At first glance, it seems that the opposite effect occurs at the same time, but since it has the effect of nourishing vitality, increasing blood flow, and calming the state of tension (excitement), there is a lot of stress and it is difficult to sleep. It is a food that I can recommend to everyone.
Of course, the same effect can be expected not only for women but also for men, so drinking alcohol is also good, but once in a while, I recommend that you rest your stomach and treat your body with sweet fruits.
You can also expect the effect of "moisturizing", so I would like women who lack moisture to take it. If you don't have enough water and blood to hydrate your body, your skin and hair will become dry and dry, and your eyes and mouth will become dry. This occurs when there is a lack of moisture in the body, and jujube compensates for this.
If the whole body becomes unwell, it can lead to catching a cold or serious illness. When there is a lack of blood, nutrients do not circulate throughout the body, and blood does not circulate to the brain, resulting in symptoms such as forgetfulness and drowsiness. In addition, poor blood circulation causes rough skin, and dry skin makes it easier for external enemies and viruses to invade the body.
It is thought that this is the reason why the body tends to get sick when it is dry and the temperature is low.
Before you catch a cold or feel unwell, actively consume foods that warm your body and improve blood circulation, such as jujube.

Jujube is used in Chinese medicine for the following effects.
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antitumor effect
  • antioxidant effect
  • Constipation improvement
  • Relief of labor and delivery
  • sex hormone regulation
  • anti diabetes
  • forgetfulness

Known as the oriental superfruit

Ingredients of Jujube

Ingredients of Jujube
It is rich in various nutrients such as iron , potassium, magnesium, folic acid, and dietary fiber .
for example…

1.5 mg of iron

of dried prunes

About 1.5 times!

Potassium 810mg

of broccoli (raw)

About 1.8 times!

Magnesium 39mg

of shiitake (raw)

About 2.8 times!

140 μg of folic acid

of strawberries (raw)

About 1.7 times!

12.5g dietary fiber

of sweet potato (raw)

About 5.7 times!

*Nutrient content per 100g of the Japanese Food Standard Composition Tables 2015 Edition (7th revision)

A lot of nutrients that women will love!
12.5g dietary fiber
1.5 mg of iron
140 μg of folic acid
Pantothenic acid 0.86mg
Vitamin B1 0.10mg
Vitamin B2 0.21mg
Vitamin B6 0.14mg
1 mg of vitamin C
Niacin 1.6mg
Potassium 810mg
65 mg of calcium
Magnesium 39mg
Phosphorus 80mg
Carotene 7μg
3.9g of protein

How much should you eat in a day?

Jujube is often used as an ingredient in Chinese medicine, but if you eat it as a fruit or as a snack, it is recommended to eat 3 to 6 grains a day. Since it is a dry food (low water content), it may put a strain on your stomach if you eat too much.
Please enjoy it according to your own body. We highly recommend drinking jujube tea.

What is the recommended way to eat jujube?

How to eat and drink jujube

How to eat and drink jujube

When used in soups, simmered dishes, hot pot dishes, etc., it does not interfere with the taste of the dishes.
It also works as a secret ingredient, and you can enjoy it deliciously.
It also makes the food look better.

Only recommended materials for women!
Body warm! How to make jujube tea

Eat something as it is
How to serve
You can enjoy it as it is, in medicinal dishes, hot pots and soups.
  1. 20 Cherchen jujubes
  2. 15g brown sugar
  3. 2-3 slices ginger 10g
  4. 10g of goji berries
  5. 1 liter of water
Step 1
Cut the Chelchen jujubes in half.
(It is OK with one seed)
Step 2
Place everything except the goji berries into a pot and heat over high heat until boiling.
Step 3
When it starts to bubble up, add the wolfberry and put it on a very low heat for 10 minutes and it's done!

warm in winter,
You can drink it chilled in the summer!
You can adjust the sweetness and richness by adjusting the amount of jujube and brown sugar and the boiling time.

About safety and security

Effects of Jujube
  • No additives (sugar, coloring, etc.) No additives (sugar, coloring, etc.)
  • Dry naturally on the tree Dry naturally on the tree
  • no oil coating no oil coating
  • Preservative free Preservative free

It was not detected at all in 250 items of residual pesticide inspection results conducted by import inspections and Japanese domestic specialized institutions.

Supplements that become trees

Natsume 's "Commitment"

Jujube is a superfruit that has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal herb and as a healthy snack.
That's why I want everyone to be conscious of safety and enjoy it with peace of mind.
[Supplement that becomes a tree Natsume] is based on such thoughts and has a different commitment than others!

Our jujubes are different from other jujubes imported, purchased and sold.
This is different!

  • POINT 01
    Made in Uyghur Cherchen
    The production area is our hometown.
  • POINT 02
    We, who have grown jujubes locally, import and sell them directly to Japan.
  • POINT 03
    Leave safe and delicious jujube to us who are professionals!
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